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04/29/2013 13:54

Wiredtree Coupon May 2013 Updated

WiredTree Managed VPS Coupon

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WiredTree Managed Hybrid Coupon Codes

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WiredTree Managed Servers Coupon

10% off any Managed Servers (dedicated servers) plan.
FREE 500GB BACKUP DISK!: Add a 500GB 7.2k Enterprise SATAII disk to any server for free!
DOUBLE YOUR RAM!:Get 2x the base RAM allocation for free!
DOUBLE YOUR RAID!:Doubles your 500GB SATAII RAID Array for the same price
A series of hybrid servers made by WiredTree employs cutting-edge technology in server hardware coupled with top-quality application. The managed servers merge efficiency with dependability and they are ordinarily only reserved for business-standard servers but are now created cost-effective sufficient for the basic public.
WiredTree managed hybrid servers offer a greater level of value than any other provider delivers. The company can be a planet leader in managed committed server hosting. The managed hybrid package presents state of your art hardware and software to ensure your data is safe and secure.
The hybrid package comes with:
Dual Xeon SuperMicro Server from Intel
CPU core with burst-able CPU capabilities
guaranteed 3GB memory
5000 GB transfers
daily backups
control panel
8 dedicated IP addresses
plus substantially far more!
With their hybrid servers also comes a selection of free of charge on line aids comprising attributes like added memory space, extra disk space and speedier transfer of files whatever their sizes. In incorporating The Hybrid1 and Hybrid2 hosting packages and producing it a single hybrid package, WiredTree's server program has develop into far more formidable however the price tag tag remains exactly the same. As a result of the company's efforts in sustaining the fee at a reasonable price, even one of the most modest of businesses can afford this high-tech hybrid package.
The superior organizational functions of the company's managed hybrid server package plans are surely one-of-a-kind and what's extra, very cost-effective. The combined hybrid server plans improve efficiency for customers and give them much more flexibility. The expanded RAM, a lot more efficient transmission prices and improved disk space enables the buyer to freely build-up and increase their web-sites with out the must bother themselves more than further charges and if their server has the capacity to help their expanding enterprises.
What is a Hybrid Server all about
Managed hybrid servers are in fact business-standard capability merged with virtualization know-how. The programme employs a dual core processor collectively with ECC memory and Hot-Swap SATAII RAID-10 disk space.
It's then sectioned with Virtuozzo to isolate the server environment. This sectioning makes it doable for each and every atmosphere to become solidly segregated using surefire resources that empowers it to offer a efficiency of greater efficiency and speedier response time. This hybrid dedicated server faultlessly blends the good elements of virtual technology together with the innovative capability of a completely dedicated server.
The Modified Managed Hybrid Server Plans
WiredTree's managed hybrid server plans that have been upgraded have the following options:
memory space enhanced from 1024MB to 2048MB
disk space expanded from 80GB to 100GB
premium transfer of 3000 GB
R1 Soft CDP back ups
The consolidated plans permit for on demand data recovery and offer you safe instant back-ups. All customers is going to be in a position to enjoy the use of these upgraded hybrid plans once they subscribe to them even though the existing clients will automatically acquire an upgrade once the new plans are prepared.Advantages
Now companies of a variety of proportions have a budget-friendly answer through the managed hybrid server.
The managed hybrid server offers a great harmony of worth, productivity and trustworthiness with its sophisticated technologies and high-standard technical help. Your components are guaranteed to become kept present as a result of the upgrades towards the hardware and software. The advanced level disk throughput and redundancy tends to make particular that users won't unintentionally get rid of crucial details.
Those who attempted out the technique couldn't see something incorrect with it, nor with all the hardware and software's dependability. Consumers are very happy with all the effective, 24/7 customer support supplied.
In quick, WiredTree's managed hybrid server plans are cost-effective and provide its customers probably the most advanced hardware and software applications collectively with business-standard capability and efficiency. This sort of advanced technology would ordinarily be out of reach for the typical enterprise, but it is now readily available towards the masses.WiredTree could nicely be the ideal answer to people who are hunting for any dedicated server to offer reputable protection to essential data.